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Young horny angles

Young horny angles

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Related article: Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 10:58:41 -0700 From: Wolf pomo Subject: chubby chasing boy 2 (gay / adult youth, m/M,MM, m/MMMmb)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic deceitful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to write stories from outlines.Copyright 2007 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.You may contact me at if you like. All flames will be ignored. Chubby Chasing Boy 2 By Wolf Jason and Chuck became very close friends. On weekends when Jason had made arrangements to spend the weekend with the imaginary grandson of Chuck they would enjoy a couple of days and nights in bed with each other. One chubby young teens weekend while Jason was enjoying cuddling up next to Chuck and sucking on one of Chuck's big flabby tits while wrapping his hand around the fat man's cock. He was slowly jacking the old man's cock off when the phone rang. Chuck rolled away from Jason's mouth and picked up the phone and held it to his ear as he said, "Hello. What the hell are you doing Frank? Why don't you come over? young little petite I have a sweet young thing here sucking on my cock as we talk." As he said that he placed his big hand on Jason's neck and pushed his head down between his thick thighs so that Jason could open his mouth and swallow his cock. Chuck continued to talk to the person on the phone. "I'm sure you would love my young friend. See you in a few minutes." He hung up the phone and settled back to enjoy the blowjob. Chuck ran his big fat finger all over the smooth butt of the boy as he pulled the boy to his knees he ran his thick fingers up and down the sweaty valley of the boy's ass. He toyed with the little asshole and stuffed a finger into the boy's ass. He finger fucked the boy's asshole while the boy struggled to get as much of the fat cock into his mouth as possible. Jason was in heaven when the cock swelled young xxx videos and shot gobs of cum into his mouth. Chuck was able to pick the boy up in youngs girls porn his hands and place him straddle of his shoulders so that the boy could rest his butt on his hairy chest. The fat man opened his mouth and took Jason's little winner sized cock into his mouth and he sucked the pre-teen until he squirted his own cum into the mouth of the fat man. Chuck eventually got up and put on a silk dressing gown. He felt it would be more interesting if Jason did not dress for the meeting with Chuck's friend. He found an old dog collar with a leash. He buckled the collar around Jason's neck and attached the leash. It was not long before the doorbell rang. Chuck led Jason t the front door and had him behind the door when he opened it. When the man entered the house Chuck gave him a big bear hug and a kiss on the mouth as he closed the door behind him. When the door closed the man saw nice young girls the naked boy standing there with the collar around his neck and the leash in Chuck's hand. The man said, "What a sweet looking pet." He turned to Jason and reached for his crotch. He cupped the boy's hard little scrotum and the hard winner like cock poked him in the wrist. He kissed Jason on the mouth. Jason took in the sight of this guest very carefully. The man was about five-foot seven-inches tall and about 250 pounds. He had a true "Pillsbury Dough Boy" figure. He had a warm smile on his face and when he chuckled his belly jiggles. The fact that the man had been bold enough to play with his genitalia and kiss him empowered Jason to group the man pants. His cock was as fat as his body even if it was not all that long. Chuck chuckled, "You nasty old bitch. You just can't keep your hands off of my young pet. Jason this is one of my closest friends, Frank." They all laughed as Chuck hooked Franks arm and led him to the family room with Jason following behind still attached to the leash. Chuck led them to the family room. He told Jason to make Frank more comfortable. Jason knelt before the man and unbuckled his belt. He unfastened the top of his pants and then unzipped them. As he pulled the pants down the legs he saw that the man had on white cotton underpants. The fly was gapping open and Jason saw the man's pubic area. It was shaven clean. Frank lifted his butt enough for the boy to pull down his boxers. Jason pulled off the man's shoes and socks so that he could get the man's pants and shorts off. When the man was naked from the waist down he spread the man's thick legs to admire his package. Frank's thick legs rubbed against each other enough that his inner thighs were a darker shade and all of the body hair was rubbed off. His scrotum was small and wrinkled without a trace of any hair on it. Unlike most fat men his chubby young teens cock was much longer than the average size. It was also uncut. The foreskin was long youngest baby nude enough to dangle past the head of the cock. young incest kiddie Jason lovingly pulled the foreskin back to expose the wet skin that was so sensitive to the touch that he flinched just young nude naked from the breath from the boy's mouth. Chuck moved close and unbuttoned Frank's shirt and helped him out of it. Frank has on a white ribbed tank top under shirt. Chuck pulled it cunt young up over the top of his fat breasts. He kissed Frank and felt up his breasts before bending over and sucking on his hair tits. Frank fumbled with Chuck's dressing gown until he got his hand inside. Frank was no stranger to the size of Chuck's balls. He gently manipulated the balls until Chuck's cock was fully erect. Then he wrapped his chubby hand around Chuck's cock. He slowly masturbated young beautiful nudes Chuck while Chuck sucked his tits. Chuck's body was so large that Frank could not see Jason but he could sure feel the warm mouth sucking his cock. He young russians boys felt the boy's breath on his naked pubic area and cunt young felt the way the boy was rolling his scrotum with one hand while Jason was working the other hand between his thick legs. When Jason found the asshole he shoved a finger up the man's ass. His reward was a mouth full of cum. Jason swallowed as fast as he could but some escaped at the corners of his mouth and dribbled down his chin. When he lifted his head he saw that Chuck was being masturbated by Frank. Jason moved over to Chuck and positioned himself between Chuck's legs. He pushed Frank's hand away so that he could put the fat cock in his mouth. He went to work sucking his cock while playing with his big softball sized balls. Now it was Frank's turn to kiss the much larger fat man. He relished sucking the big fat young russians boys tits with no hair on them. Frank and Jason soon had Chuck spilling his cum into Jason's mouth. When Chuck was finished filling Jason's mouth the boy crawled up onto his lap and took hold of Frank's shoulders and kissed him on the mouth. When Frank opened his mouth Jason spit cum into the man's mouth. It was now Jason's turn to assume the bottom roll. Jason pushed Chuck back against the couch so that he was almost reclining on his back. Then Jason positioned himself by his side and lay across Chuck's big fat tummy. That exposed Jason's asshole to Frank. Frank got on his knees behind Jason and pulled back the foreskin. Chuck handed him a bottle of KY so that Frank could grease up his cock and Jason's asshole. He guided his head of his cock against the pink asshole and pressed forward as the cock slipped into the boy's asshole. He pressed foreword until his shaved pubis was pressed against the boy's smooth butt. He slowly fucked the boy. Chuck reached behind Frank and stuck three fingers up his ass. He just held his hand kara young still and let Frank's fucking motion of his hips impale himself on his fingers. Frank fucked the boy until he climaxed in his ass. When Frank withdrew his cock Jason's asshole was gaping open and all swollen and red. Cum was dripping out of his ass and trickling down the seam of his sagging scrotum and onto Chuck's big belly. Jason laid there and allowed Frank to rub his own cum into his skin like a lotion. Eventually his anus relaxed and closed. As the cum dried on his skin it felt like it was shrinking his skin. He loved the smell and feeling of the dried picture young girl cum. The smell of the two men's sweaty bodies and their sex filled his nose. He was in hog heaven. They slept together in Chuck's Queen-sized bed. Jason was sandwiched between the two fat men. It was like sleeping in a sauna. The warmth had him sweating between his legs. He was spooned against Chuck's lap and facing Frank. He fell asleep sucking on one of Frank's tits. In the morning Chuck got up first and made a monstrous brunch for the three of them. He scrambled more than a dozen eggs, toasted a loaf of bread, two pounds of sausage patties and made hash brown potatoes with onions, bell peppers and cheese. When Frank and Jason made there way to the kitchen there was fresh coffee and young little petite milk waiting. After the dishes were put into the dish washer Chuck suggested that he call another friend. Frank was all for it but Jason was not sure he was ready for a third man. Chuck picked up his remote phone and used young nudist russia his speed dial. He addressed the person as Larry when he invited big young boobs him to come over. Chuck pressed the end button and tossed the phone on a pillow as they entered the family room. Jason was still covered in dried cum but he loved the smell. They did agree that they should bath before the company arrived. Frank and Chuck filled the tub and knelt by the side as they washed Jason's body. They were very thorough scrubbing the boy. They not only washed his cock until he had a boner they swapped the inside of his asshole with their fingers until they were satisfied that he was clean. Jason could not help himself as he stood in the tub with Frank's finger up his ass he shot a load of cum against the tile wall. They dried his body and sent him to the family room while they washed themselves. When they returned to the family room their skin was reddish. It was only a short wait before they heard a car pull into the driveway. When the bell rang Chuck opened the door and greeted Larry and his two nephews. When they entered the house Chuck hugged the tall slender youngs girls porn man and the two boys. Jason was impressed with the size of the man. Larry had to be at least six-foot four-inches tall. His head was crowned with reddish brown hair. His hair was naturally curly and fine, it was combed to one side. He had a large forehead, long straight nose and jetting jaw. He was not the kind of man that Jason was attracted to normally but the nephews were just the kind of boys that turned him on. Their names were Aaron and Arnold. Aaron was about the same age as Jason and Arnold was about a year younger. They were both chubby boys. Aaron was over 200 pounds and Arnold was just a few pounds lighter. They both had the same color hair as their uncle. While they were getting to know each other Jason learned that the boy's parents had nice young girls crashed into a mountain in a small plane piloted by a friend. Larry was their godfather so he became their guardian. He also had introduced them to the gay lifestyle. Larry and the boys were quick to discard their clothes. After all everyone was naked. Jason R young was impressed with the size of Larry's cock. His cock had to be at least 10-inches long. It dangled between his legs along with his scrotum. His pubic hair was a true red. His lean body rippled with muscles. He was a true hard body, not a soft cuddly Teddy Bear at all. The boys were roly-poly boys. Aaron was starting to grow pubic hair and it was almost pink. Arnold was too young to have pubic hair. Both had sweet little cocks and their scrotum was tight against their body. Larry sat down and pulled Jason onto his lap. It was a different feeling to sit on a man's lap that had plenty of room to sit on. The man skillfully stroked Jason's body. He was a pipe smoker and Jason had to get past the smell of his breath before he felt comfortable kissing him. By the time he was getting into kissing the man Larry was pulling on Jason's cock. Aaron went right for Chuck. He straddled Chuck's thighs and lowered himself down as he hugged Chuck. He was kissing Chuck's bearded face. Chuck's cock was pocking lingerie pictures young the boy in the ass too. Arnold crawled upon to Frank's lap. While he was kissing the fat man he was also reaching for the uncut cock. The young boy had a hard time staying on the fat man's lap because his big round belly didn't allow much space to sit on. Arnold was sitting facing Frank so that he could cling to his neck. He was kissing him at the same time he could feel Frank's hard-on poking him in the scrotum. It was a delicious feeling to have the foreskin moving enough to allow the wet head of youngest baby nude the cock to grease up the boy's scrotum. Frank inspected the boy too. He was helping to hold the youth on his lap by placing both hands on the boy's butt. He could not resist sliding the fingers young nudist russia on his right hand down the boys sweaty butt crack. He thrilled when his finger slipped into the boys asshole with ease. He knew that the boy was no stranger to anal sex. The boy was moaning into his mouth very pleased with the feelings being stimulated by the finger up his ass. The two boys knew what they wanted and slid to the floor between the two fat men and licked their balls and cocks before sucking them for awhile. They knew when the men were getting close to climaxing and stopped. They smiled at each other and turned their backs to the men and bent over and reached between their legs and guided the fat men's cock to their assholes. They slowly lowered their bodies down onto the cocks. When they were sure they had them in their holes they sat down until they were sitting on the men's laps. The little Teddy Bears fucked themselves like pros. Jason was sitting on Larry's lap watching the action. Jason was sitting straddle of Larry's cock. He was able to wrap his hand around both Larry's and his own cock. He was jacking them both off at the same time. Seeing the boys fucking themselves inspired Jason to shift his weight to his feet and casey young nude lift his own ass so that he could reach between his own legs and guide Larry's cock into his asshole. The three boys were fucking themselves at the same time. One by one the three men climaxed in the boy's butts. They all had to rest afterwards. They wound up on the floor where they could form a youngest baby nude daisy chain. They sucked cocks, licked asses and masturbated all afternoon. Jason hated it when the weekend ended and he had to go home. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to
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